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14th Ward Youth Baseball Association


Pittsburgh's 14th Ward Baseball Association offers a number of different children's leagues designed to enhance each player's age based experience.  All the Spring leagues are "Recreational" (no cut).  In February we hold a pre-season exhibition to evaluate the childrens' current abilities.  Those rankings are then used by the coaches to draft their fair and equatable teams.  Returning players are normally assigned to the teams they played on the year before.

What leagues do you offer?   


Minor League - Saturdays and 6 PM Tuesdays

(age 5-6 as of May 1st)

Developmental baseball. No focus on scores, outs, and runs. Basic skill building and enjoyment of the game. Each two-hour session is usually 30-40 minutes of practice with the rest of the time devoted to games where the score is not tracked. 45 foot bases.  

Intermediate League - Saturdays plus one 6 PM weekday game

(age 7-8 as of May 1st)  

Competitive baseball, but coach-pitch. No walks, but players can strike out. Seven pitches to put the ball in play. Typically, the ball is put in play every 2-4 pitches, so fielders don't get bored and get a LOT of chances. Young batters benefit from getting good pitches to hit every at bat. The game moves quickly, which is ideal for players in this age group. 60 foot bases.  

Junior Little League - Saturdays plus one 6 PM weekday game

(age 9-10 as of May 1st) 

Regular, kid-pitch little league. A few small tweaks for this age group (e.g., 4 outfielders). 44 foot mound with 60 foot bases.  

Little League - Saturdays plus one 6 PM weekday game

(age 11-12 as of May 1st)  

Bronco rules (leads, balks, pickoffs).  Only three outfielders, and no restrictions on stealing bases. 50 foot mound with 70 foot bases.  

Pony and Colt Leagues - Varies

(age 13 and over as of May 1st)

Our Pony and Colt teams generally participate against teams from other area leagues around the City of Pittsburgh. The level of play is very competitive. In some ways these programs are similar to high school baseball - teams practice 3-4 times per week. All players who sign up make the team. However, playing time will largely depend on a player's individual abilities to help the team win.

Summer All-Star Teams - Varies

(All Ages)


At the end of the Spring Rec Season, some players are chosen to represent 14th Ward Baseball in local area tournaments. Only players that participated in the Spring Season are eligible to participate on an All-Star team. 

When does the Spring season start and end?

The start date is weather dependent. Once teams are formed, coaches try to schedule some informal practices based on field availability. Exhibition games usually start the first week in April. League playoffs begin in June and the season ends as teams are eliminated. 

Does my address or voting district need to be in the 14th Ward?

No. The league is open to all.

Where do you play baseball?

Most games and practices are at Frick 1 and Frick 2 which are located at the corner of Forbes and Braddock Ave. We also play at Koenig Field in Edgewood, Farmhouse Field in Highland Park, Wightman Field in Squirrel Hill, and Mazerowski Field in Oakland.

What's your Refund policy?

We understand life changes and we'll accommodate most refund requests made before April 1. However, we reserve the right to deduct from the refund any fees and expenses incurred by the league.

Should my kid "play up"?  

Most kids are best served by playing in their "natural" age group. Kids who are frustrated and over-matched tend to stop playing the sport. However, some kids like playing with their older classmates and friends. Parents should use their best judgement to determine what age group is best.  Feel free to contact our Commissioner to discuss.  

Is 14th Ward co-ed?  

Absolutely. Although a large majority of our players are male, we have female players participating in all age groups. 

Why is there a registration "Service Fee"?

This is a fee being charged by Sports Connect, our registration/website company, and unfortunately is out of our control.

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