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Double A Division (IL) (Ages 7-8)

(7 years old by May 1)14 ward little league youth kids child baseball Pgh

The 14th Ward Double A Division (IL) is action packed and a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and develop the basic fundamentals of baseball (i.e., hitting, catching, throwing, and running) in a relaxed, low-stress atmosphere, while simultaneously introducing players to slightly more advanced level of skills that requires attention to the specific game situation on the field and basic rules of baseball.  Learning good sportsmanship and teamwork will also be goals of this league. The most important goal of IL baseball, however, is to have fun!

Special rules for young players are still in effect at this level which allow all of the basic skills to be utilized under real-game situations, but including provisions which guarantee equal playing time for everyone, provide experience by continuously putting the ball in play, and encourage the players to try their best by minimizing the risks and penalties possible on any play. 

The major change going to Double A (IL) from Single A (Minors) is more live action sequences that require the players to complete each play a little further than before. Coaches pitch at this level and outs count!  Also, we introduce the Catcher position at this level. Official Little League rules for this age group will be followed.


We take as much help as we can get! No experience is needed to help coach.  Even though one of the goals of this league is to raise the competitive level, parental involvement is highly encouraged. Parents without any prior coaching experience, but with a fundamental knowledge of baseball are encouraged to volunteer for managerial and coaching positions. 


Register HERE for Double A Division (IL) 7/8-year-old Baseball

Season Schedule

  • Season Length (approximate and weather-dependent):
  • Spring: Early April through Early June 
  • Fall: Early September through Mid October


Chip Gaul, 14th Ward’s Director of Operations is the contact for all rosters, schedules, session goals/format, and all other inquiries related to baseball operations:

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