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Triple A Division (AAA) (Ages 9-10 by May 1st)

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The 14th Ward Triple A Division (AAA) is an exciting introduction to “kid pitch” baseball!  It builds upon what the players learned in coach pitch and introduces them to actual kid pitching, bunting, and stealing.  Other concepts added or enhanced will include walks, hit batters, overthrows, live ball, and development of position skills.  There are still many concepts that remain restricted from this phase of baseball which will come in later years such as: taking leads, balks, stealing home, and the infield fly rule.  The goal at this level is to continue to introduce and teach new skills to the players, refining those introduced in the last few years, further increase their levels of awareness and responsibility within the game by again expanding the range of potential outcomes on the field and moderately turning up the competitive level another notch.  Additionally, developing good sportsmanship and having fun will be core values of this league.

The season will begin with a series of instructional practices, before moving into a 10-game schedule.  Children will be coached on fundamental skills such as base running, fielding, throwing, pitching and positional play.  The pitching distance is 46 feet and bases are 60 ft apart. No player may pitch more than 2 innings during any game. All players play 2 innings/game in the infield unless there is a legitimate safety concern due to a player's inexperience at this level.



We take as much help as we can get!  No previous experience is needed to help coach.  Even though one of the goals of this league is to raise the competitive level, parental involvement is highly encouraged and results in a better experience for the kids.  Parents without any prior coaching experience, but with a fundamental knowledge of baseball are encouraged to volunteer for managerial and coaching positions. 


Season Schedule

  • Season Length (approximate and weather-dependent):
    • Spring: Early April through Early June 
    • Fall: Early September through Mid October


Email with questions.

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