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Using Team Pages and GameChanger

Team Page Tutorials


Using your team page

You can communicate with your team, set practices, save files, and more from your Team Page. Remember, you must be logged in to the Sport Connect website before you can access your page. Managers and coaches can access their Team Pages in two ways:




For a full list of functionality available on the team page, 
please see this article.

While rosters, schedules, and communication can be done on the website or in the GameChanger app, the following are things that you will need to do on the website:


Scheduling new practices/games (Website Only)

All practices and games should be scheduled through your team page (see above for instructions). When you schedule this way, you should check the Calendar which will tell you the field availability. Note that you can also check availability within the team page, but that functionality is not easy to navigate (particularly with the number of fields/teams that we have in 14th Ward).

You can also get a sense of when fields MIGHT be available from our Current Permitted Field Times/Schedule.

Important Note: Do not schedule games/practices using GameChanger 
If you schedule practices/games in GameChanger only, those will not be guaranteed as they only reflect locally for your team. Another team may choose to schedule the fields and we will use the as the source of truth. If you run into issues, get in touch with your league commissioner.

The GameChanger App

GameChanger is an app for your phone that integrates with SportsConnect, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

The GameChanger app will automatically sync rosters with your account, as long as 
  • You are using the same email address for GameChanger that you use for

  • Your team's roster is live on the website.

  • You are an allocated volunteer for your team on the

If your team does not appear in the GameChanger app even if the above steps are satisfied, you can import your team using the following steps.

1. Sign in to GameChanger with the same email address you use with

2. Tap Create Team or the "+" sign to create a new team

3. Choose the option to Import Sports Connect 

4. If you haven't already confirmed your email address, click Open Email App which will direct you to your email. Select Confirm Email Address, and you'll be redirected back to the GameChanger app.

5. Select the team(s) to import. Make sure the team(s) you want to import have a check next to them, and then tap import in the upper corner of the screen. You will see the status of teams importing at the bottom of the screen. 


This feature will import player/schedule information into the mobile app. Schedule and Roster updates made after the team import will automatically sync within the mobile app. 

Re-syncing your GC schedule/roster (fixing duplicate entries)

Sometimes after events are scheduled through your Team Page, you might find duplicate entries in your GameChanger app. You can fix this easily by syncing your account from within the GameChanger App.

1. Sign in to your GameChanger account
2. Click on your 14th ward team
3. Click on the Settings button in the top-right corner
4. Click on "Schedule Sync"
5. Click "Re-Import Team Schedules"


Granting additional parents access

Although you may be able to grant access to GameChanger from within the app, it is recommended to use the instructions given here to grant access through

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